Product management

What product management means & entails varies tremendously from one organisation to another.

So, as well as providing a comprehensive range of product management services, a key part of what I offer is helping businesses to get a better understanding of what “product” means for them, and how to apply product theory in a way that best suits your company & culture.

Ensuring your products support your overall business strategy is at the heart of Product Strategy, but — just as product management involves a cyclical interaction with the client & market — so too can there be a virtuous cyclical interaction between product strategy & business strategy.

A key aspect of both of these cyclical interactions is Innovation Management, with both market-demand and technology change driving innovation opportunities — so product management have to understand both of these from the perspectives of both the company and their (potential) clients.


Market & client insight

Effective Research right from the start is essential to ensuring an accurate understanding of your customers, their requirements & expectations, the desired characteristics & functionality, and thereby defining the business case.

Later in the lifecycle, Product Marketing becomes key to showing your understanding of your customers & marketplace, and driving demand through positioning, messaging, and marketing — effectively reflecting back the research you did at the start.

Training & culture

Creating a supportive Product Culture within your organisation, and sharing a common product mindset, can be invaluable in fostering an environment in which everyone is aligned with supporting effective product management.

This can be supported by providing Training, both to PMs to help identify those product management practices best suited to your organisations, and to everyone else to ensure they understand how their roles & product relate to each other

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