I spent 6 years at Nortel Networks as a Unix sysadmin and service delivery manager for their largest (~200 developers) UK R&D project where I was responsible for server administration, software builds & release, and liaison between IS and the R&D team.

I was at Cartesian for 3 years as a telecoms consultant, BA, and technical PM working on projects for many of the UKs largest mobile and broadband providers, including – a multinational platform migration; reverse engineering an undocumented, unsupported, legacy application; and auditing high volumes of customer data to model behaviour, ensure regulatory compliance, and spot possible fraud.

Then becoming a management consultant at AP Benson for 2 years, where I worked with fast-growing small businesses on IT audits, business process transformation, technology strategy, and selecting & implementing Enterprise ICT systems (typically migrating between Enterprise Resource Planning systems).

I was a consultant for 6 years at Engage Hub (née Brainstorm), a B2B SaaS provider, doing solution design, pre-sales, and product consultancy. Projects included GDPR compliance for banks, retailers, and logistics firms; designing & implementing interactive multichannel communications solutions; and as technical lead on the Brainstorm Innovation Lab worked with clients to rapidly innovate and develop novel solutions.

Academically, I did my MBA at Imperial, and my undergrad was in astrophysics at UCL.

Plus, of course, the inevitable fashion design at Central Saint Martins, that all tech consultants do.