Digital product person

Hi, I’m Callum

How does new technology help, hinder, and transform you, your life, and your business?
Do big tech buzzwords – AI, 5G, virtual reality, blockchain, etc – matter to non-tech SMEs?
What lockdown-led changes will stay with us post-pandemic?
How do different social media platforms matter to your business & clients?
And perhaps the greatest mystery of all… just what is the metaverse?

I help individuals and SMEs to understand what’s happening in tech, what it means for them, and how they can take advantage of the opportunities (and mitigate the threats) that it may present

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Product consultancy covering all aspects of innovation & product management throughout the product lifecycle, including (perhaps most importantly) product strategy.

I’ll help ensure your product strategy aligns with your business strategy, your client’s current and future needs, and industry trends; and that it’s backed up by solid evidence, data, and client requirements.


Current & upcoming trends in technology, understanding how they can impact your business. Ensuring your technology strategy aligns with your business strategy.

Typically, I’ll work with your leadership team to assess your IT capabilities, identify opportunities to simplify & enhance these capabilities, and communicate how they deliver value to your business.

Pre-sales &
solution design

Helping you to design, develop, and deliver demos, proofs of concept, and tender responses that exemplify your strengths, and which are tailored to your clients and their needs.

I can help understand client requirements, align your offerings with them, then design & deliver solutions that provide long-term value for all stakeholders.

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